The Academy

What You Can Expect Us to Deliver?

A golfer cannot “read” their way to success in the game of golf just as a businessperson cannot rise to the highest levels of management without “experience.” The Business Golf Academy presents a learning environment that is experiential and interactive with plan development to start or continue a journey to peak performance. Yes you’ll be practicing!

Sessions led by Missie and Sue include topics presented regularly at corporate meetings and events with golf and fitness sessions based on the latest certification processes.

Attending a 3-day Business Golf Academy event is a unique opportunity to mix golf and business in one learning environment.

Welcome Reception 7-9 pm.

Stop in and Say “Hello” Upon Check In!


First Day

Understanding Comfort Zones

This session will help everyone understand the concept of a comfort zone and how to break free of all the barriers keeping us from greatness in the boardroom and on the golf course.

“Going for the Green”

In this engaging keynote, audience members will “walk the greens” with Missie as she shares decades of golf experiences from her collegiate and professional LPGA career. Missie affirms to the female executive that the game of golf is the preferred sport of American business. Golf cuts through the corporate hierarchy and the course is often where the best opportunities come to fruition and where exposures to the best contacts occur.

Fitness & Swinging Breakout Sessions

Sessions on the actual act of swinging the club are taught in an indoor classroom where you use Missie’s many training aids and learn drills you can later take home to continue to develop. Missie is a TPI certified Golf Coach and leads this popular class to the group.

Working Lunch

A Troon Professional will discuss Club Fitting and make equipment available to you at great prices.

Peak Performance: Create the Environment Personally and Professionally and Define Success

Everyone wants to work in an environment that promotes and rewards good performance. In this session, Sue will explore ways to create that environment in the workplace. Defining success goals for business and golf employs much of the same thinking. The group will work thru a goal definition exercise to use for the rest of the event and well after.

Putting/Chipping Instruction Practice

Group Dinner & Socializing

Second Day

Early Morning Fitness Session


Etiquette on the Green

An indoor video session that will explain and show the many dos and don’ts of golf course etiquette. Everyone can and should be proficient at etiquette.

A Real Golf Pros Guide to Playing Good Golf: Train, Trust, and Delete 

Golf doesn’t just involve how to hold the club and how to swing the club. There is a way to go about training our game that is distinct from trusting our game and how we do that shot after shot is what it is all about! We will talk about the strategies to use when dealing with the fear and nervousness that comes when we step outside our comfort zones. Participants get to practice this very important area that most golf pros do not address.

Outside Putting and Chipping Review

Working Lunch

Sue regularly speaks to Board Chairs and CEOs on the Role of the Board of Directors in Information Technology Governance. She leads a conversation on why board service is important and provides the high level questions any businessperson should be asking about Information Technology.

Indoor or Outdoor Full Swing Practice

The Country Club, The Cart Caddy Conundrum & The Confusion

There are many confusing concepts in the game of golf in addition to execution of the swing. Sue will provide guidance on navigating this culture and address specific areas of interest to the group. It is important to align business golfing objectives within the most appropriate environment, from the most exclusive club to the tin cup driving range.

Three Hole Walking Session

Execution and observation of best practices for “Flawless Green Etiquette” and understanding of how best to make a plan for each golf hole.

Lite Buffet & Trunk Show

Participants will enjoy the most up to date ladies golf fashion and accessories.

Third Day

Strategies for Business Golf

The strategy for a business golf opportunity is very similar to the strategy of a key business meeting, except, we implement our golf strategy while playing golf at the same time! Not so easy! This segment is filled with personal experiences, details and humor of how to plan and execute the day.

Play 18 Holes

Boxed lunches provided on the golf course

What Happened on the Golf Course?

  • Group Debrief
  • Knowingness, confidence, preparedness, assuredness

The Path Forward…How to Continue?

  • The Environment
  • Lessons/Practice/Self Awareness
  • Measure Performance/Celebrate Success

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